About WeOccupyin’ (beta)

This website is simply a space where I (Felipe T Ribeiro), can place things of interest in the course of my involvement with Occupy Wall Street. I have ideas on the intersection of social technology and politics, so OWS is a living laboratory, allowing the idealists to tinker with software and channels for public decision-making. Interesting stuff, potentially.

This site is composed of three sections – a blog, a forum, and a wiki.

Blog (original observations from a part time OWS supporter, strategy-related essays, etc) Currently, one author, updated about 2x a week. Link: http://www.weoccupy.in

I have a few ideas about the OWS movement – specific tactics, usage of technology, and messaging and strategy related thinking that I want to be able to put somewhere other than a Google Group archive.


The blog is read-only, in that comments are disabled on posts. But I set up a dedicated forum to allow people to discuss things, ask questions, or generally interact with one another, in the SUPER remote chance that this blog gets any traffic, ever :-/

The wiki is a sandbox to place to put resources, links, tidbits of interest, and a place to explore how to structure the official OWS wiki, which I am privileged to be working on with a subgroup of the good peeps building out nycga.net

Here are the relevant links, should you feel inclined to bookmark this website for some totally odd reason:

Forum (A place to talk about OWS-related stuff, I’ve started the forums with a few writings based on some ideas of mine, but if you want to make this a hangout and invite friends, I can make you an editor. We need solid places to talk online…) Link: http://www.weoccupy.in/upinhere

Wiki (I’m a part of the Internet Working Group at NYCGA, we’re working on an “official” wiki for the OWS movement, this is just my own discovery process with Media Wiki, feel free to add relevant content!) Link: http://www.weoccupy.in/thiswiki

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